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Great minds think alike, and by looking at the most popular auction items, you will be able to find unique treasures.

You can also learn a tremendous amount of secrets about areas of collectibles that dealers and advanced collectors in the know would prefer you didn't know!


  Title Watchers Time Price
Pam C Rider Waite Tarot Cards - With Book and Red Box 29 watchers1 day, 9 hours
Vintage William Fuld Wood OUIJA Board Planchette 1920s Mystifying Oracle Unique 25 watchers4 days, 5 hours
Antique home made folk art Ouija board ca. 1900 18 watchers2 days, 15 hours
Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University Leadership Teacher Coordinator Kit DVD 14 watchers16 hours, 12 minutes
3614 Coke Reward Points Variety 13 watchers9 hours, 21 seconds
Huge 5.2" CHINESE PICASSO JASPER Carved Crystal Skull, Realistic, Crystal Healing 12 watchers16 hours, 50 minutes
Anthony Tony Robbins Personal Power II The Driving Force 30 Day CD Set UNOPENED 12 watchers1 day, 17 hours
Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University 16-CD Scratch Free Discs 10 watchers2 days, 10 hours
SHRM 2016 Learning System 8 watchers15 hours, 25 minutes
Vintage Embalming Machine C.M. Sorensen Co. Mortuary 8 watchers2 days, 18 hours
Vintage Turner Embalming Machine 7 watchers11 hours, 40 minutes
Over 975 Coke Reward Points (325+ tops!) 7 watchers1 day, 11 hours
ROLLEIFLEX 1930s Old Standard 622 TLR Camera Jena 1:3, 5 7.5cm Lens Hood Case 7 watchers4 days, 12 hours
1000 Box Tops for Education (20 certifcates worth 50 BTFE each) 7 watchers18 hours, 6 minutes
Purina weight circles (40, 174.5pnts 3, 561lbs) 7 watchers3 days, 17 hours
210 BOX TOPS FOR EDUCATION Unexpired TRIMMED BTFE 6 watchers2 days, 4 hours
Pampers Gifts to Grow- 10 unenetered rewards codes 6 watchers1 day, 14 hours
Thundercats Panthro Fiqure 14 inch 6 watchers18 hours, 20 minutes
antique embalming device 5 watchers4 days, 14 hours
Black Diamond Fusion Ice Axe 50 cm Reverse Curve Climbing Mountianeering Alpine 5 watchers2 days, 16 hours
500 Box Tops for Education 5 watchers4 days, 15 hours
1851 Antique Lowell, Massachusetts, MA City Directory, Advertisements, Genealogy 4 watchers1 day, 15 hours
c.1890 Old French Tarot Deck Grand Etteilla 78 Cards B.P GRIMAUD Paris VERY RARE 122 watchers3 days, 8 hours
Quantum Radionics 80 watchers3 days, 23 hours
Hyperbolic Funnel / Coin Wishing Well 56 watchers1 week, 6 days
Farm House with 8.0 Acres of land 45 watchers3 weeks, 2 days
Vintage Ouija Board Planchette Original Box Au Revoir Paranormal Medium Psychic 36 watchers2 weeks, 1 day
Investment real-estate 31 homes Evansville IN $300k year income $737k equity 27 watchers2 weeks, 2 days
Mini Vintage Ouija Board Key Chain 1998 Hasbro Collectible Rare 27 watchers3 weeks, 3 hours
FLORIDA - 1.25 ACRE - VACANT LAND - $127.00 / MONTH + TAXES. 21 watchers4 weeks, 13 hours
RARE The Mysterious Planchette ouija talking board set complete 19 watchers3 weeks, 14 hours
8 Haunted LARGE Old Vintage Ouija Game Board Collection William Fuld 22 X 15 Lot 18 watchers2 weeks, 3 days
Cemetery Plot in the Hillside Section of Forest Lawn-Hollywood Hills. 18 watchers2 weeks, 2 days
Atlantis Harborside 3 BR Lock off timeshare By Owner 17 watchers2 weeks, 3 days
Ancestry DNA Genealogy Test Kit Genetic History Family Tree FAST FREE SHIPPING 17 watchers4 days, 9 hours
Vintage Antique Early Porcelain Mortuary Embalming Table Repurpose Display Old 16 watchers6 days, 8 hours
Timeshare - Diamond Resorts International US Collections 7500 Points Annually 16 watchers1 week, 5 days
7 Chakra Copper Tibetan Healing Wand With OM Dorje Symbols from Nepal 13.25" 16 watchers1 week, 3 days
Natural AA Grade Pure Water Clear Quartz Crystal Sphere/Ball-qzs65ie0407 15 watchers3 weeks, 6 hours
5 Acres of Land with creek on Poplar Springs Road, Savannah, Tenneessee 38372. 15 watchers5 days, 19 hours

Note: Our editors no longer include most BuyItNow items on our Antiques/Collectibles lists!

Note: We have some accuracy concerns on some data (# of watchers) we receive from eBay for, and for all data for eBay Australian. Additionally, there is limited data for the Netherlands. For all these categoriesFor these categories, we are displaying reports from eBay which do not include the exact number of watchers instead of our own reports.

(See how the International Arcade Museum is using these services to automatically help its members find coin-op machines throughout the world.)

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