Ace® - About Us and General Information

Ace® has provided a wide range of services aimed at making your life more efficient and more enjoyable. We have enjoyed serving millions of visitors over the past 10+ years.

One of the ways we can help you shop efficiently is to automatically sort through thousands of gigabytes of data daily and report back to our users the most interesting items available in online auctions.

These services take serveral forms. Our home page currently features the Most Watched Items on eBay. You can use the category list on the left to find areas of interest to you. On the right, we will automatically display the most popular items in that category choosen based on how many users on eBay clicked to add the item to their watch list. You can also switch the countries, if for example, you would like to see the most popular items on German eBay.

Some of our beta users have created custom sets of bookmarks to these Most Watched Lists. For example, The International Arcade Museum has identified each category throughout the world of interest to collectors of coin-operated video games. This report is available at

Additionally, we also have a collection of widgets allowing you to place highly customized auction searches on your own web pages. An example of this can be seen at the bottom of the International Arcade Museum's page on Pac-Man, at

We also offer some amazing reports that are fun but not quite as useful including the Online Auctions With The Most Bids (all of eBay or just collectibles) and the Most Expensive Auctions (all of eBay or just collectibles).

One of our most exciting offerings is our patent-pending Auction Ace / My Ace application. It was the first auction application built for Ace® and remains by far our most complex offering. It's resource-intensive for us, and does have a learning curve to master thus is part of our Power Buyers line of services. Due to its complexity, it is still in beta although some screen shots of it are available below as well as information on how you can join the beta program.

Please also take a look at our web search services, games, online videos, and message forums.

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Auction Ace™ is the first significant utility developed for eBay that is geared towards eBay Buyers instead of Sellers. Not only is it for eBay users, it's written by eBay users. In fact, we won't let a programmer work on Auction Ace unless he or she has at least a personal eBay feedback rating of 500+, acquired from buying, not selling.

First created over 6 years ago, Auction Ace (previously known as eSpy) has been the secret weapon of a select group of rich and famous collectors ever since. Many of it users spend between $100,000 and $1,000,000 a year on their hobbies. Many have spent six-figures on eBay as buyers.

Several are not happy that they have to share this tool. Most say that they find us even more important than their TIVO!

Auction Ace has been very expensive to develop and maintain in the past. As such, we would have had to charge each member hundreds of dollars a month per account in order to justify its general release.

In Fall 2006, for the first time, we were able to release this tool to the public as a 'beta' testing release. Two things have happened to make this so. First, eBay has granted us direct access to their systems in an economically viable way. Second, eBay has recognized that tools like this drive additional revenue to eBay and they are willing to share some of it with us. As such, we are able to release the program free to the public! A resource-intensive and ground-breaking VIP version coming out in 2008 may have a cost associated with it. If it does, it may be as little as $10/month per user.

Also in Fall 2006, in celebration of its open release to beta eSpy is being renamed Auction Ace.

Auction Ace is extremely powerful. In exchange, it isn't always that simple or intuitive. Learn it though, and it will serve you well. And remember that eBay isn't just about collectibles anymore, and neither is Auction Ace.

Several of its users used to spend over 10 hours per week on eBay. Now these same users spend only about an hour a week looking at eBay listings, and they view many, many more of them. Our members thank us for the time we give back to their lives, and so do their wives and girlfriends (ok, so all our rich and famous collectors so far have been men...)

The end result is they find more treasures for their collections. They win, and so does eBay and its sellers as a result of this extra bidding activity.

NOTE: We have intentionally placed only minimal instructions in the MyAce utilities at this time so that we may learn how to improve it. Please let us know what questions you have, and what you don't find intuitive.