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  Title Watchers Time Price
ANTIQUE LYON & HEALY Chicago brass instrument with hardcase 11 watchers1 day, 8 hours
H. G. Lehnert Antique Trombone/Plays Well/ Comes with Case 5 watchers6 days, 13 hours
Vintage 1920's Cam Fisher Professional New York Brass Instrument 5 watchers2 days, 14 hours
RARE Post-Civil War FOOTE Tuba Saxhorn w/Berliner Pumpen Valves for Project/Part 23 watchers3 weeks, 1 day
Antique Lyon & Healy "Duplex" Own Make" Bb/A Cornet 1904 Heavily Engraved 15 watchers5 days, 6 hours
1900 French World Fair of Paris Couesnon Cornet 13 watchers1 week, 1 day
Antique Trio Cornet M. J. Kalashen NYC 1900 Model 2857 C & B Flat Vocal 13 watchers1 day, 7 hours
Antique Conn U.S.M.C Eb Helicon in Ready to Play Condition 12 watchers1 week, 4 days
VINTAGE, MILITARY CAVALRY, BRASS BUGLE 11 watchers2 weeks, 3 days
Antique Grand Rapids Musical Company Wizard B-flat & C Cornet 11 watchers3 weeks, 3 days
Antique Cornet Silver Plated Champion Chicago 7 watchers2 weeks, 6 days
Standard Band Instrument Vega Silver B-flat Cornet 6 watchers2 weeks, 6 days
Antique Conn Perfected Wonder Cornet with mechanism, Great Ready to Play 5 watchers1 day, 6 hours
Odyssey Premiere Silver Plated 'Bb' Cornet - Includes Denis Wick Mouthpiece 4 watchers2 hours, 50 minutes
One Set Antique Bronze Tuning Bells For Musical Instruments 3 watchers1 week, 5 hours
Odyssey Premiere OBCL800 Bass Clarinet Outfit 3 watchers2 hours, 51 minutes
Antique C.G. Conn Elkhart, Ind. Trombone. 55104 the King H.W. White, Clvd, O. 21 watchers15 hours, 43 minutes
Antique H.N White King New Proportion Silver Trombone With Original Case 9 watchers1 week, 1 day
CG Conn 1890's Cornet Saxophone Trombone Band Instruments Elkhart Worcester Card 7 watchers2 weeks, 4 days
Antique Distin London Model Silver Cornet 1902 7 watchers3 weeks, 3 days
1890's C.G. Conn Band Instruments Elkhart Worcester Sousa Gilmore Levy Ad Card 6 watchers4 days, 8 hours
Antique Lyon & Healy Silver and brass Cornet c. 1890 BeauIdeal Chicago 5 watchers3 weeks, 6 days
Antique Late 1800s/ Early 1900s Cornet - Bare Brass Generic Import 4 watchers2 weeks, 5 days
VERY RARE ANTIQUE STERLING ? SILVER TRUMPET/CORNET ? "ROYAL" !!! 3 watchers14 hours, 20 minutes
Antique Lyon & Healy Champion Valve Trombone 3 watchers3 days, 8 hours
Antique Ed Kruspe Hrzgl L.M.Hoflieferent Erfurt Trombone 9" bell. Early 1900's 3 watchers5 days, 16 hours
Antique Superior Henry Distin #1352 Cornet Trumpet circa 1883 Philadelphia LOOK! 3 watchers6 days, 12 hours
c.1870s 8x10 ALBUMEN PHOTO Silver Creek QUADRILLE BAND rare 'G' CORNOPEAN cornet 2 watchers3 weeks, 9 hours
Antique Conn Silver Trumpet- 1912 Vintage- Large Bore- Original Case- 2 watchers4 weeks, 1 day
Vintage Decorated & Silver Cornet by J.W. PEPPERS & SON PHILADELPHIA Antique 2 watchers6 days, 15 hours
Antique Besson Eb Alto Horn 2 watchers1 week, 1 day
Standard Band Instrument Company Cornet c. 1880s 2 watchers3 weeks, 3 days
Standard Band Instrument Company Vega Silver Cornet 2 watchers3 weeks, 3 days
Vintage Oscar Smidt Auto Aarp 2 watchers3 weeks, 3 days
Old, vintage, wood maracas, music 2 watchers3 weeks, 2 days
1937"The Art Of Playing" HOHNER CHROMATIC HARMONICAS M. HOHNER INC NYC BOOK 2 watchers1 week, 7 hours
Antique Elkhart Band Inst. Co A/Bb Cornet, Very Good Condition. 2 watchers1 day, 6 hours
"Bruno" New York, Raw Brass Cornet W/Getzen MP, & Orig. Stippled Leather Case 1 watcher3 weeks, 2 days
Rohl A1423LMTCB-2 Tuscan Brass Country Bath Wall Mounted Bathroom Faucet with Me 1 watcher2 weeks, 2 days
Jones Stephens B10104 1/2-14 X 9/16 Reg Brass Basin Nut 1 watcher3 weeks, 4 days

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