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Pro Audio Equipment

    Audio Power Conditioners

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  Title Watchers Time Price
Roland Integra-7 Module Bundle - w/ 8GB Bonus Content Preloaded, Wi-Fi Adapter! 81 watchers14 hours, 42 minutes
Roland Alpha Juno 2 Vintage 1980's Analog Synthesizer Keyboard 78 watchers2 days, 5 hours
Vintage Arp Axxe Analog Synthesizer Model Serviced + works great! Moog -Listen! 73 watchers3 hours, 32 minutes
Zoom H6 Digital Recorder 62 watchers2 days, 6 hours
Tascam DR-05 Portable Digital Recorder 56 watchers1 day, 14 hours
FULLY UPGRADED MPC 1000 SAMPLER MPC1000 JJOS2XL / 40gb HDD / THICK PADS 52 watchers2 hours, 49 minutes
Rupert Neve Designs Portico 5012 Duo Mic Preamp LN 44 watchers1 day, 12 hours
Carver TFM-55 Magnetic Field Power Amplifier 380 Watt 40 watchers1 day, 12 hours
Universal Audio 6176 Channel Strip Mic Pre Amp / Compressor 39 watchers3 days, 22 hours
Kemper Profiler Remote Green 23 watchers3 days, 6 hours
Furman PL Plus Commercial Series Power Conditioner and Light Module 22 watchers2 days, 11 hours
FURMAN M-8DX 9-OUTLET 15 AMP POWER CONDITIONER W/ LIGHTS M8DX M 8 D X 20 watchers2 days, 15 hours
Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol S49 MIDI LED Keyboard NI Traktor Maschine 19 watchers12 hours, 29 minutes
Samson Carbon 61 Key USB MIDI Keyboard Controller 14 watchers11 hours, 14 minutes
Furman IT-1220 Balanced Isolation Transformer Power Conditioning Conditioner 13 watchers4 days, 12 hours
Furman Rack Rider RR15 Power Conditioner and Light Module 12 watchers4 days, 9 hours
EMS SYNTHI AKS Vintage Analog Modular Synthesizer REFURBISHED vcs3 a synth  267 watchers2 weeks, 14 hours
Avid mbox 3 pro firewire 24-bit pro tools digital audio interface w power supply 181 watchers3 weeks, 3 days
art microphone tube audio preamp studio with power supply Free shipping 176 watchers3 weeks, 3 days
Roland TR-808 Rhythm Composer ~ ~ MINTY with MANUALS~ ~ Analog Drum Machine TR909 152 watchers1 week, 1 day
Roland GR-77B Bass Synthesizer and G-77 Bass 114 watchers2 days, 9 hours
Roland Promars MRS-2 Compuphonic synthesizer  Full working 98 watchers1 week, 3 days
Studer A827 Gold Edition - MINT - barely used 97 watchers2 weeks, 1 day
ARIES MODULAR 300 Vintage Analog Synthesizer METICULOUSLY SERVICED synth arp 93 watchers2 weeks, 1 day
MOOG POLYMOOG SYNTHESIZER MODEL 203A Rebuilt & Improved! keyboard vintage synth 89 watchers3 weeks, 5 days
MOOG MUSONICS SONIC V Rare Vintage Analog Synthesizer synth keyboard six 6 5 86 watchers4 weeks, 1 day
E-mu Emu Emulator I SD UPGRADE SAMPLER - VINTAGE - PERFECT CIRCUIT 76 watchers1 day, 15 hours
Eventide H969 Harmonizer Delay Pitch Changer / Sold as is. 76 watchers2 weeks, 2 days
Roland Jupiter 6 analog synthesizer JP6 74 watchers4 days, 20 hours
Vintage mini moog Model D / MIDI moog via Kenton Pro CV interface Serial # 125* * 74 watchers3 weeks, 4 days
SEQUENTIAL CIRCUITS STUDIO 440 Vintage Sampling Drum Machine Sampler Prophet2000 74 watchers2 weeks, 2 days
AKAI X7000 Sampling Keyboard 12-bit Vintage Sampler 68 watchers1 week, 2 days
Avid Pro Tools HD10 Software license Bundle on iLok 60 watchers4 days, 17 hours
Vintage RCA 74B Ribbon Microphone 58 watchers1 week, 5 days
Original Vintage Telefunken ELAM 251 Tube Condenser Micrpohone 53 watchers2 weeks, 3 days
Focusrite The Liquid Channel Pro Channel Strip (The White One) 48 watchers6 days, 6 hours
Focusrite Blue 330 Mastering Compressor/Limiter 47 watchers3 days, 8 hours
Siemens Telefunken V72 Microphone Preamp Modules w/ Direct Inputs 220V #25772 46 watchers3 weeks, 3 days
E-MU EIII XP Emulator Model 6103 Sampler Sound Module #26218 45 watchers3 weeks, 4 days
Focusrite ISA Series preamps and dynamics 40 watchers3 weeks, 5 hours

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