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  Title Watchers Time Price
Strymon timeline 65 watchers2 days, 20 hours
Washburn RO10 Rover Travel Camping Guitar sn SC06091002 w/ Case 47 watchers1 day, 9 hours
Eventide H9 Max Multi-Effects Guitar Effect Pedal 41 watchers16 hours, 52 minutes
RARE! 1949 Oahu Lap Steel & Amplifier 39 watchers16 hours, 16 minutes
Dunlop MXR Dyna Comp M102 Compressor Guitar Effect Pedal 38 watchers14 hours, 47 minutes
Sansamp Bass Driver Preamp/DI Pedal TECH 21 NYC 38 watchers2 days, 5 hours
Xotic Sp Compressor - MINT CONDITION! 36 watchers8 hours, 8 minutes
Boss CS-3 Compressor Guitar Effect Pedal 32 watchers1 day, 17 hours
Boss ME-80 Multi-Effects Guitar Effect Pedal 31 watchers3 days, 4 hours
Zoom G3 Multi-Effects Guitar Effect Pedal 30 watchers7 hours, 36 minutes
Tech 21 RK5 Richie Kotzen Fly Rig SansAmp Guitar Pedal 30 watchers1 day, 9 hours
Digitech (RP1000) - 100 Factory Preset - Black - Guitar Multi-Effects Pedal 30 watchers2 days, 13 hours
Boss ME-25 Guitar Multi-Effect Pedal 29 watchers3 hours, 16 minutes
Electro Harmonix Electric Mistress Flanger Filter Matrix 28 watchers1 week, 5 hours
Korg ToneWorks AX10G Modeling Signal Processor FX Pedal for Electric Guitar 27 watchers1 day, 9 hours
Strymon OB.1 Compressor & Clean Boost - MINT CONDITION! 24 watchers8 hours, 7 minutes
2014 Gibson ES-335 Memphis Faded Cherry RH Electric Guitar in Case NR! 24 watchers22 hours, 47 minutes
Strymon OB-1 Optical Compressor & Clean Boost 22 watchers3 days, 13 hours
Hofner HF12 Classical Acoustic Guitar w/ Soft Case - Made in Germany 19 watchers1 day, 11 hours
Walrus Audio Deep Six Compressor Stomp Box 19 watchers8 hours, 10 minutes
Boss BF-2 Flanger effects pedal, Japan made, comes w/ AC adapter & original box 18 watchers2 days, 10 hours
Dunlop MXR Bass Deluxe M288 Octave Guitar Effect Pedal Guitar 17 watchers6 hours, 37 minutes
Resonator Guitar 13 watchers2 days, 3 hours
Cordoba Mini SM-CE Cedar Top Acoustic-electric Nylon-string Travel Guitar AS IS 13 watchers1 day, 15 hours
Hartman Analog Flanger Guitar Effect Pedal - Excellent Condition! Hard to Find! 13 watchers16 hours, 44 minutes
Boss BF-2 Flanger Green Label Tested + Working 13 watchers6 hours, 48 minutes
Michael Kelly Resophonic Resonator Guitar, Very Nice, with Martin Hard Case 13 watchers13 hours, 56 minutes
1950s GIBSON BR-9 Lap steel guitar w/case 100% original Pearloid Kluson tuners 11 watchers4 days, 5 hours
Classic Rare 1930's Era AudioVox 7 String Lap Steel Guitar 7 watchers6 days, 15 hours
Vintage 1976 Gibson SG Custom Guitar Yellow Gold 3 Pickup w/ Case USA 192 watchers3 weeks, 4 days
Vintage Emmett Chapman Stick, 10-string serial number #156 148 watchers5 hours, 48 minutes
1971 Gibson EB-3 electric bass EB3 vintage CHERRY EB0 EB1 EB2 mahogany 131 watchers4 days, 9 hours
Gibson Vintage 1977 RD Artist Natural Bass Guitar. 119 watchers1 week, 1 day
1987 Carvin LB90 Bass Guitar with Ebony Fretboard Set Neck NICE!! USA 111 watchers1 week, 2 days
Vintage 1972-1974 Fender Precision Bass Electric Bass Guitar Great Player 1970's 109 watchers3 weeks, 5 days
60's Ampeg Dan Armstrong Plexi Bass 100 watchers1 week, 6 days
ken smith bsr 6eg elite quilted maple neck thru exibition grade 6 string 94 watchers6 days, 20 hours
Rare! Krappy 4-String Electric Bass Guitar with GigBag...Neck-Thru Design! 87 watchers5 days, 6 hours
Rickenbacker 4003 4 String Electric Bass Jetglo Finish Guitar 82 watchers2 days, 12 hours
1967 Danelectro Bellzouki 12 string electric guitar vintage Dano Vincent Bell 81 watchers3 weeks, 6 days

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Note: We have some accuracy concerns on some data (# of watchers) we receive from eBay for, and for all data for eBay Australian. Additionally, there is limited data for the Netherlands. For all these categoriesFor these categories, we are displaying reports from eBay which do not include the exact number of watchers instead of our own reports.

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