Ace® - My Ace™, Auction Ace™, and PowerBuyers™

The Good News:

In our opinion, My Ace™ is the single most exciting part of the Auction Ace™ system. It goes way beyond bookmarking individual categories and searches and creates a single set of reports that let you find everything you are looking for. It even has patent-pending technology to help you find items you didn't even know you were looking for!

It has been used by rich and powerful collectors for over 6 years now, and there are truely some mixed feelings about sharing it with the general public. The Bad News:

The system is in beta testing phase, and only open to invited guests, members of other organizations that have been invited, and visitors that have asked to join the beta program after reading previous announcements. Simply put...there a few minor bugs in the system and we are still making changes to support increased volume. The system easily handles 10 or 20 simultaneous users right now and months of work is going into the system so it can handle thousands of simulatenous users. It's a complex project for us, and just as a lot of preparation goes into a single space shuttle launch, so is there a lot of work still required before we can let everyone in here at one time.

The beta waitlist is currently closed, although we will continue to add users from it. We will make an announcement on the front page of when we are able to accept additional users.

Thank you for your patience.

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