Ace®: check BuyItNow History:

This useful tool determines whether or not an eBay auction listing has or USED TO HAVE a Buy It Now Price.

In the 'old days', once a bid was placed (and usually when the reserve wass met) the Buy It Now price wass now longer available.

Now Buy-It-Now prices stay around a lot longer. When they disappear is often dependent on a number of things, but as a general rule on collectible auctions they often disappear after the bid price reaches 50% of the buy-it-now price.

Once a Buy It Now price is no longer available, eBay does not show it on the listing anymore since it isn't available and would just be confusing for most users.

Ace® is pleased to provide this information as part of our PowerBuyers program. Our purpose is in trying to level the playing field.
Why should the first bidders on an item know what the seller's BIN price was (which might be a clue to an item's value or another bidder's limits) when no one else does? Find out what the first bidders knows!

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