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Great minds think alike, and by looking at the most popular auction items, you will be able to find unique treasures.

You can also learn a tremendous amount of secrets about areas of collectibles that dealers and advanced collectors in the know would prefer you didn't know!


  Title Watchers Time Price
Costumes of America no author or publisher hand colored illustrations 1843? 9 watchers1 week, 7 hours
FRENCH 1879-1880 RIBBON DESIGNER'S Sample Book w Comments, Numerous Samples 8 watchers2 weeks, 6 days
Gustav Stickley Fabric Needlework Furniture Etc. / Catalog Reprint Book 3 watchers1 day, 15 hours
THE PERIOD GUIDE TO FABRICS IN RELATION TO FURNITURE Towse Publishing Co. 1920 3 watchers3 weeks, 1 day
Antique Linens and Textiles tablecloth or bedspread 2 watchers3 weeks, 6 days
America's Printed & Painted Fabrics 1600-1900 Florence H. Pettit 1970 1st ed. HC 2 watchers2 weeks, 3 days
RARE 1922 German Knitting Book STRICKEN Edith Wallach & Margarete Lang, Lace etc 2 watchers3 weeks, 5 days
2 Silk and Lace Antique bedspreads or cloths Linens and Textiles Pre 1930's 1 watcher2 days, 7 hours
400yrs of American Toile - Scenic Fabric Wallpaper: Reference 1 watcher4 days, 14 hours
1912 Stafford Automatic Worsted Loom Illustrated Brochure 0 watcher6 days, 9 hours
1938 French Catalog 87 Tapestries GOBELINS XVI-XVIIc. Le Musee Des Gobelins 0 watcher5 days, 10 hours
Antique Rug Studio softcover book European Rugs & Tapestries Hakimian 0 watcher3 weeks, 22 hours
SCALAMANDRE TEXTILES of the ITALIAN RENAISSANCE history 1950s 24pg booklet 0 watcher8 hours, 11 minutes
1921 Textiles and Clothing, McGowan/Waite, MacMillan Co., 268 Pgs, Illustrations 0 watcher3 days, 16 hours
Vintage Childrens Handkerchief Hanky Hankies ID$ Book 0 watcher6 days, 10 hours
Antique Sampler Linens and textiles 0 watcher6 days, 13 hours
Diamond Dyes Booklet, Magazine Fifty Illustrations 0 watcher3 days, 5 hours
The House of Hobberlin Store Display Cardboard 53x38cm 'The Lakota' 0 watcher4 weeks, 22 hours
The House of Hobberlin Fall & Winter 1921-22 Very Large 54x20 CM 21x20 Inches 0 watcher4 weeks, 22 hours
Vintage Quilts of Southern Appalachian Homesteaders - Historical Reference 0 watcher3 days, 7 hours
H.Vineberg & Company Limited Montreal 1921- 22 Fall & Winter Display 55x35cm 0 watcher4 weeks, 22 hours
Russian kerchief and shawl alboom aurora art publishers Leningrad book 0 watcher1 week, 6 days
The House of Hobberlin Store Display Cardboard 53x38cm 'The Wellington' 0 watcher4 weeks, 22 hours
Rare Russian embroidery of the 17th - early 20th century album the hermitage 0 watcher1 week, 3 days
American Needlework HB book by Georgiana Haberson 232 pg ILLUS book DJ SCARCE 0 watcher1 week, 6 days
Antique Handkerchiefs $$$ Price Value Guide hankies COLLECTOR BOOK 0 watcher3 weeks, 4 days
1889 TECHNOLOGY of TEXTILE DESIGN E.A. Posselt WEAVING Industrial LOOMS antique 0 watcher3 weeks, 4 days
America's Glorious Quilts Large coffee table book 320 pages of beautiful quilts 0 watcher2 weeks, 5 days
Vintage 1982 Art Catalog COLLECTIONS of the MARGARET WOODBURY STRONG MUSEUM 0 watcher4 weeks, 7 hours
AMERICAN NEEDLEWORK 1776/1976 Leslie Tillett Foreword by Rose Kennedy 0 watcher2 weeks, 4 days

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Note: We have some accuracy concerns on some data (# of watchers) we receive from eBay for, and for all data for eBay Australian. Additionally, there is limited data for the Netherlands. For all these categoriesFor these categories, we are displaying reports from eBay which do not include the exact number of watchers instead of our own reports.

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