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Great minds think alike, and by looking at the most popular auction items, you will be able to find unique treasures.

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  Title People Time Price
item imageCanada 1885 North West Medal Midland Battalion Louis Riel Rebellion .23 watchers11 hours, 28 minutes
item imageFenian Raid 1866 Canada General Service Medal 13th Batt(RHLI) Battle of Ridgeway 19 watchers11 hours, 26 minutes
item imageLee Metford Mk1* Volley Sight - front part 18 watchers8 hours, 3 minutes
item imageTop wood for the Lee Enfield SMLE No. 1 15 watchers7 hours, 57 minutes
item imageVintage Original Military Air Force 323rd Fighter Interceptor Squadron Patch 11 watchers12 hours, 11 minutes
item imageUSAF AIR FORCE MILITARY PATCH F-15 EAGLE DRIVER 1000 HOURS 9 watchers11 hours, 34 minutes
item image Trench Art Artillery Shell 8 watchers14 hours, 11 minutes
item imageU.S. Military Screaming Eagle Medal Sterling Silver Pilot Wings Army Airfore 6 watchers1 day, 12 hours
item imageCanadian army officers Tam o Shanter hat Seaforth Highlanders size 7- 1/4 2 watchers12 hours, 57 minutes
item imageRare Old LENIN Medal Pin Badge Button COLD WAR Russia CCCP Coin Collection Lot 1 watcher6 days, 14 hours
item imageUSA Special Forces Operational Detachment B-390, Company C, 3rd Battalion, 3 SFG 2 bids1 day, 5 minutes
item imageAir Force ROTC Notebook 1 bid5 hours, 45 minutes
item imageGUILLOTINE - VINTAGE - HISTORIC - HEAD TURNER 321 watchers3 weeks, 6 days

Note: Our editors no longer include most BuyItNow items on our Antiques/Collectibles lists!

Note: We typically do not refresh an individual page more than once every 15 minutes, though in some cases, data may be more outdated.

Note: We have some accuracy concerns on some data (# of watchers) we receive from eBay for, and for all data for eBay Australian. Additionally, there is limited data for the Netherlands. For all these categoriesFor these categories, we are displaying reports from eBay which do not include the exact number of watchers instead of our own reports.

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