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  Title People Time Price
item imagevintage Island Fin Design Surfboard Longboard Fin 7.5” .12 watchers4 days, 16 hours
item imagecheap surfboard 10 watchers13 hours, 30 minutes
item image9” Wingnut Longboard Surfboard Fin Excellent! 10 watchers4 days, 16 hours
item imageDakine Padded Surfboard Travel Bag 6’ 8 watchers3 days, 9 hours
item imageCustom X Bodyboard 42in Bat Tail with channels. Black Deck, double rails, Red Bt 8 watchers4 days, 5 hours
item imageVictoria Skimboard - Pink/Green/White 7 watchers1 day, 22 hours
item image($150 OBO) ET Surfboard, Dimensions: 5'2" x 1'6" x 1.2", Volume: 25-45 L 6 watchers4 days, 14 hours
item imagerusty surfboard 5 watchers13 hours, 44 minutes
item image101 Bamboo 6.5" Bonzer fin 4 watchers3 days, 1 hour
item imagelost Surfboard Crowd Killer With Slim Fit Board Cover By Creatures. 4 watchers11 hours, 39 minutes
item imageFCS LM-1 Surfboard Fins (Twinzer ) 4 watchers1 day, 11 hours
item imageSurfboards by Harbour seal beach by Fibre Glas Fin Co 10" single fin 4 watchers5 days, 12 hours
item imageRainbow Fin Co. 9.5” Pivot Fin Blue/Light Grey 3 watchers2 days, 22 hours
item imageFutures Fins JC1 Honeycomb Size Medium  3 watchers7 hours, 15 minutes
item imageCapt.finn Company Surf Board Fins 3 2 watchers5 days, 1 hour
item imageVintage NOS Billabong Surfing Stickers! 8 On One Sheet! Rare! Kelly Slater! 2 watchers1 day, 4 hours
item imagezap skimboard 2 watchers23 hours, 10 minutes
item imageCatalina SAILBOAT Surfer vintage blue plastic surf board promo keychain 1960'S 2 watchers5 days, 13 hours
item imagecheap surfboard 1 watcher6 days, 12 hours
item imageRARE 1900 Kelea The Surf=Rider A Romance Of Pagan Hawaii A.S. Twombly Surfing 1 watcher1 day, 34 minutes
item image101 Mini Simmons Bamboo Twin Fin for Lok Box 1 watcher1 day, 10 hours
item imageRare!!2002-2003 EDDIE WOULD GO-In Memory of Eddie Aikau-Waimea Bay STICKER/DECAL 1 watcher4 hours, 43 minutes
item imageOriginal Circa 1962 USSA, Surfing, Cloth Patch & Membership Form PLUS New Patch 1 watcher4 days, 10 hours
item imageDewey Weber Longboard Classic 2005 Contest Poster Doheny State Beach Surfing 1 bid1 day, 9 hours
item imageO’fish’l Surfboard Fin 1 bid1 day, 21 hours
item imageVintage NOS Ventura Surfing Sticker! Billabong! Volcom! Quiksilver! Kelly Slater 1 bid3 days, 21 hours
item imageEddie Aikau EDDIE WOULD GO POSTER art by EDDY Y #32/500 SPECIAL OFFER! 1 bid3 days, 2 hours
item imageRon Jon Surf Shop LX 60 Years of Surfing FREE SHIPPING 1 bid6 days, 11 hours
item image1967 Duke Kahanamoku 60's Vintage Classic Surfboard Serial # 1132 Lg. 9'-9" 83 watchers3 weeks, 2 days
item imagesurfboard longboard “Robert August” model “Wingnut lol” 55 watchers3 weeks, 1 day
item imageGreg Noll Surfboards Miki Dora Da Cat 9' 6" 67-68 ORIGINAL Unrestored Surfboard 50 watchers5 days, 10 hours
item imageGreg Noll surfboards and film Productions early 60s -9'10" big wave surfboard 49 watchers3 weeks, 2 days
item imageVintage Inspiration Brand Surfboard 1970’s Stinger Swallowtail 46 watchers2 weeks, 6 days
item imageWRV 6'10 THRUSTER USED SURFBOARD 44 watchers6 days, 20 minutes
item imageVintage Hobie Surfboard Longboard 9'6" Late 50's Early 60's? 38 watchers3 weeks, 6 days
item imageAndy Irons Personal Surfboard 37 watchers2 weeks, 2 days
item imageVintage 80’s WRV Wave Riding Vehicles Surfboard in MINT Condition ☆ Pickup LI NY 31 watchers2 weeks, 6 days
item imageReal Dane Reynolds Channel Islands Surfboard with Signature 6'0 31 watchers1 week, 6 days
item imageVintage Morey Boogie Board Ronk Pro Series Rare Sealed Plastic Lanson Ronquilo 29 watchers2 weeks, 4 days
item image1964 Jeffrey Dale custom single fin longboard 10’ Surfboard Vintage 29 watchers5 days, 1 hour
item image Vintage, Hansen, Master Powerflex 9'10", est. 1967 longboard, surfboard RESTORED 29 watchers2 weeks, 4 days
item imageDewey Weber Surfboard 1967 Vintage All Original 28 watchers3 weeks, 2 days
item imageSchaper Surfboard & Case - Pink, 8ft Beauty! 27 watchers4 weeks, 6 hours
item imageSurfboard-type Longboard 70"x21"x2 5/8", Black, Grey and white colored. 27 watchers1 week, 5 days
item imagevintage 1960s era, Rick Surfboards, Barry Kanaiaupuni, Pintail model Colorful 27 watchers2 weeks, 2 hours
item imageVintage Morey Boogie Mach 20 RS Bodyboard - MINT! 25 watchers2 weeks, 1 day
item image10’2 Cooperfish Hornet Pintail Longboard 24 watchers2 weeks, 3 days
item imageDale Velzy 9'5" Long Board Surfboard from the 1960's - Vintage 24 watchers4 hours, 37 minutes
item imageVintage Surfer Magazine Aug Sep 1962 Rick Griffin & Super Rare Ceramic Nodder 22 watchers3 weeks, 5 days
item imageVintage Town and Country Surfboard 21 watchers2 weeks, 2 days

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