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  Title People Time Price
item imageAntique Gothic Claw Foot DEVIL Head Bronze Alcohol CIGAR LIGHTER Lamp, NR .103 watchers18 hours, 3 minutes
item imageAntique VICTORIAN SALOON Style BRASS DEVIL Statue COUNTER TOP Old CIGAR LIGHTER 70 watchers18 hours, 42 minutes
item imageSears Georgetown billiards or pool table advertising match safe & cigar cutter 10 watchers20 hours, 40 minutes
item imageTwosun Titanium Whistle Cigarette Lighter Waterproof Pill Cases Holder TS173-WLC 8 watchers1 day, 52 minutes
item imageCOHIBA Refillable Metal 4 Torch Flame Cigar Lighter Gas Butane Windproof Punch 7 watchers18 hours, 52 minutes
item imageCOHIBA Windproof Cigar Lighter Butane 2 Torch Jet Refillable Cigarette Lighter 4 watchers21 hours, 35 minutes
item imageNew Twosun MINI Titanium Cigarette Lighter Waterproof Pill Cases Holder TS156-CL 3 watchers3 days, 5 hours
item image1Pcs Honest Lighter Torch Butane Jet C1300 Lighters Random ABS Material No Gas. 1 bid2 days, 20 hours
item imageCOHIBA Windproof Metal 4 Torch Jet Flame Cigar Cigarette Lighter w/Punch Yellow 19 bids1 day, 20 hours

Note: Our editors no longer include most BuyItNow items on our Antiques/Collectibles lists!

Note: We typically do not refresh an individual page more than once every 15 minutes, though in some cases, data may be more outdated.

Note: We have some accuracy concerns on some data (# of watchers) we receive from eBay for, and for all data for eBay Australian. Additionally, there is limited data for the Netherlands. For all these categoriesFor these categories, we are displaying reports from eBay which do not include the exact number of watchers instead of our own reports.

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