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British Colonies & Territories

    Aden (until 1967)
    Antigua & Barbuda (until 1981)
    Ascension Island
    Bahamas (until 1973)
    Bahawalpur (until 1947)
    Bahrain (until 1971)
    Barbados (until 1966)
    Basutoland (until 1966)
    Bechuanaland (until 1966)
    British Guiana (until 1966)
    British Honduras (until 1973)
    British KUT
    British Levant (until 1922)
    British Virgin Islands
    Burma (until 1948)
    Cayman Islands
    Ceylon (until 1948)
    Collections, Lots
    Cook Islands (until 1965)
    Cyprus (until 1960)
    Dominica (until 1967)
    Falkland Islands
    Fiji (until 1967)
    Gambia (until 1965)
    Gilbert & Ellice (until 1971)
    Gold Coast (until 1957)
    Grenada (until 1974)
    Hong Kong (until 1997)
    India (until 1947)
    Jamaica (until 1962)
    Kuwait (until 1961)
    Leeward Islands
    Malaya, Straits Settlements
    Malta (until 1964)
    Morocco Agencies
    Nauru (until 1968)
    New Hebrides (until 1980)
    Nigeria (until 1960)
    Niue (until 1974)
    North Borneo
    Northern Rhodesia (until 1964)
    Nyasaland/British Cent. Africa
    Other British Colony Stamps
    Palestine (until 1948)
    Papua New Guinea (until 1975)
    Pitcairn Island
    Rhodesia (until 1965)
    Samoa (until 1962)
    Seychelles (until 1976)
    Sierra Leone (1808-1961)
    Singapore (1824-1963)
    Solomon Islands (1893-1978)
    Somaliland Protectorate
    South Africa (until 1961)
    South West Africa (until 1990)
    St Helena
    St Kitts & Nevis (until 1983)
    St Lucia (1814-1979)
    St Vincent & Grenadines (Brit)
    Swaziland (until 1968)
    Tonga (1900-70)
    Trinidad & Tobago (until 1962)
    Tristan da Cunha
    Turks & Caicos (until 1976)

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